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By Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal
Managing Director of IFSTTAR

2017 saw many of our projects flourish, facilitated by fewer financial management constraints.

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Jean-Marc Zulesi

Jean-Marc Zulesi, Deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône and President of the Innovation Workshops for the National Mobility Consultation (Assises nationales de la mobility)

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Anne-Marie Herbourg

Anne-Marie Herbourg, Chair of the Association of the Technical Directors of metropolises, Départements and Regions (ADtech)

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IFSTTAR's Activity Reports

The Activity Report summarizes the Institute’s activities at national and international levels, and also describes its financial and human resources.
It gives an overview of the scientific findings for each research area and topic.

Click on each image to download the PDF file [.pdf]

Activity report 2017_img
Activity report 2017 [.pdf]
Activity report 2016_img
Activity report 2016 [.pdf]
Activity report 2015_img
Activity report 2015 [.pdf]
Activity report 2014_img
Activity report 2014 [.pdf]
Activity report 2013_img
Activity report 2013 [.pdf]
Activity report 2012_img
Activity report 2012 [.pdf]
Activity report 2011_img
Activity report 2011 [.pdf]
Activity report 2010_img
Activity report 2010 [.pdf]