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A framework contract with Eiffage Infrastructures

1 February
Eiffage Infrastructures has signed a new framework contract for scientific collaboration with Ifsttar

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Bron National Scientific Encounters

7 February 
Bron National Scientific Encounters (Lyon) 
Can the city be recycled ?

[Translate to Anglais:] Cartographie sensible #2_img

Conference : "Sensitive mapping: how to map the city differently"

8 February
Differing perspectives on: Culture, sciences and regions
Series “Sensitive mapping: how to map the city differently”

Making the invisible visible

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The Public Works Forum

23 February
Meeting on infrastructure: “Reoccupying France”. 
Forum organised by the FNTP in the framework of the 2017 presidential elections at the Carrousel du Louvre. 

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The FUTURE project

24 February
Université Paris-Est’s FUTURE projectis awarded I-SITE certification as part of the Future Investments Programme.